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Easily manage your sales activities with our real-time status alerts

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Patented AI-driven CRM tool to boost your sales with confidence.

TEAMLINK has revolutionised the process for agents to manage their sales opportunities throughout the buying journey with the patented AI-Driven CRM, and real time alerts.

AI-Driven CRM

This is our patented technology where TEAMLINK will categorise and pre-qualify your leads for you.

Full Visibility of Deal Status

Real – time visibility of your deal status, see your commissions, accumulative sales figures all in one dashboard.

Paperless Operations

We are going digital with all forms, signed documents visible for you and your client on your TEAMLINK APP.

Increase productivity, focus on achieving business goals!

Leave the admin work to us with our streamlined automated system.


Reduce human error, get real time alerts for all stages of your sales process – from EOI, Contract exchange to Settlement.

CRM and opportunity management

Our patented AI- driven CRM system, will assist in helping you identify and categorise your leads.

Let us do all the prep work for you, so you can focus on what you are good at!

See your sales performance and finance in one view

Our Agents dashboard allows you to view your sales performance, sales pipeline, and cumulative commission simultaneously.


TEAMLINK helps you understand and boost your sales activities every step of the way.

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Meet Our Customers

“I have launched my new development campaign from start to finish with TEAMLINK. This amazing platform has helped me see high levels projections and sales figures to run efficient meetings. This has saved me so much time and I can now focus on the important stuff that matter. ”

— Rosalie Kapoor, Director of Sales and Marketing for Horizon Development Group

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