How Teamlink selects property developers

Walton Chu in Teamlink

10 Aug 2022

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At Teamlink, we are trusted by more than 100 property developers to provide the best property marketing solutions, both online and offline. 

We are experts in project marketing for property developers.

Our end-to-end proptech solution sets up a streamlined process to manage all parts of a development project throughout its lifecycle.  The platform ensures that all the data is available, and all the parties are connected, in real-time. 

Additionally, we offer marketing services such as digital, print and direct marketing, and through the Home789 network, we can access more than 250 channel agencies. 

We believe that when you combine online and offline together, you get the best of both worlds  because it creates transparency, strengthens client relationships, and enhances the deal experience for both buyers and sellers.

And it’s the fastest way for property developers to maximise sales.

But how do we choose our marketing projects and select our property developer partners?

It’s an important question because our reputation is built on it.  

Here are the main factors we consider:

  • Track record – what kind of projects has the developer completed in the past and in what volume?  Is the current project similar?  Or different? 
  • Finance – how is the current development funded?  Who are the lenders?  
  • Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team – who is running the company?  Have they been involved in a company insolvency or personal bankruptcy in the past? 
  • Building quality – how does the developer handle the defects management process?  How responsive was this developer when defects came up in previous projects? 
  • ESG – is the developer actively promoting any ESG concepts in their business?  For example through staff training initiatives, their own corporate expenditure choices, and support of charitable organisations?  
  • Carbon emission awareness – do the design and choice of construction materials help to achieve net zero? 
  • Smart buildings and cities –  does the building have cutting edge tech features like smart meters, IoT sensors, keyless entry and electronic vehicle charging?
  • Marketing technology awareness – is the developer familiar with the benefits of including AI, VR 3D & data in the marketing campaign?
  • iCIRT – is the developer certified or on a pathway to certification?  And their builders?


There has been quite a bit of media attention lately on iCIRT, the Independent Construction Industry Rating Tool constructed by Equifax and backed by the NSW Government.  


For example, our client Deicorp was the first developer in NSW to achieve an iCIRT rating, and now has three separate ratings across its portfolio.  


Deicorp understands that buyers want to have confidence and peace of mind when purchasing an apartment off-the-plan. 


Teamlink also understands that buyers always want confidence that the developer will deliver their new home exactly as promised.


Teamlink’s selection process is part of that promise of confidence.


If you’d like to find out more about our proptech platform, please request a demo by filling out the contact form on our website.  


For more information about our marketing services packages, you can submit an enquiry.




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